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“To Grow is to create opportunities for people” Author credit from Pass it

“To Grow is to create opportunities for people”

Locate Permitted MEHKO’s in Riverside California

Support your Local Chefs See our ad in the St. Matthews Catholic Church Bulletin

A Chef’s Guide to Starting MEHKO

  This guide can help you in starting your Micro Enterprise Home Kitchen Operation. The Riverside County, CA Department of Environmental Health has issued it’s first permit June 2019. The California law allows culinarians to have guests dine or or have their meal delivered. With the decline in chef jobs… Read more »

Chef’s Tip – Technologically advanced packaging and disposables for your MEHKO

Huhtamaki North America is an industry leader in technologically-advanced packaging solutions and disposable tableware using shaped paperboard, molded fiber, and plastics., Where MEHKO’S advertise Free!

Chef’s Tip – Use Barbecues to start your MEHKO!

Barbecues are a great way to start your MEHKO. Add some International Flair to your menu’s  for a more unique event., Where MEHKO/MHKO’s advertise Free!