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News On The MEHKO Adoption Process

MEHKO Adoption Progress: 1.)  Lake County’s Board of Supervisors passed their MEHKO ordinance unanimously (5:0) on November 19th. They will begin issuing permits in January, under a 6 month pilot program/trial period. 2.) The City of Berkeley also passed their MEHKO ordinance, on December 2nd. Berkeley has yet to announce… Read more »

Dollars and What Makes Sense!

Let’s get our Culinarians Cooking and Off Unemployment! It’s as easy as pie! Have Governor’s sign Executive Orders temporarily permitting MEHKO’s for the holiday season. From Monday 11/23-Thursday 12/31 there are 6 weeks in that period. I tried to call in to Kansas Unemployment this week 4 times and I… Read more »

New Counties and States considering adopting Micro Home Kitchen Operations

States are now creating work for Chefs, Bakers, and Home Cooks by permitting Micro Home Kitchen Operations. California’s goal with this new law is to “support healthy communities and economically empower talented home cooks to attain income self-sufficiency.” In 2008 Nation’s Restaurant News published my letter “More independents could halt… Read more »

Culinary Code

As with the goal of California permitting Micro Home Restaurants,Culinarians (operating restaurants from their home) our culinary code asks us to “Pledge our knowledge to the advancement of our profession and support the success, growth, and future of my colleagues and this great federation.” California counties Solano and Santa Barbara… Read more »

“To Grow is to create opportunities for people” Author credit from Pass it

“To Grow is to create opportunities for people”