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Chef’s Tip – Marketing

Today I’m craving an old favorite, Clams Casino! MEHKO’S/MHKO  advertises Jersey Shore Boardwalk Menu! See you Friday at Chef Michael’s home for a Jersey Clambake! Where MEHKO’S/MHKO’S advertise free.

Chef’s Tip – Counterpart Employees

Find a counterpart who has a big kitchen and could be the MEHKO, Chef could be the counterpart employee. Where MEHKO/MHKO’s advertise Free! is now a “Licensed Food Service Intermediary”, List your MEHKO here with confidence! is excited to be one of the first “Licensed Food Service Intermediary’s” for MEHKO’s in California! Please read the information below if you are unfamiliar with MEHKO’s and then list your MEHKO on our site. Attention to all MEHKO’s Microenterprise Home Kitchen Operations: We are required to post this… Read more »

Chef’s Tip – MEHKO’s/MHKO’s #1

Q: Can I prepare meals in the morning, freeze them, and deliver them to the customer in the evening frozen? A: Yes, as long as the proper cooling procedures are here too.

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About Our Founder Chef Garahan’s websites help increase the consumption of healthier choices foods and reduce obesity. He has worked to create opportunities for healthy food choices & good nutrition: – – – American Culinary Federation Michael J. Garahan, CEC Colorado Chefs Association Culinary Institute of America Graduate… Read more »