Chefs Move Back To Schools

We started a Go Fund Me campaign-
To all Americans benefit, we will be consuming more Healthier Choice foods and beverages to build our immune systems.

Many people will continue to work from their homes and may never return to the office.

So who will feed them these Healthier Choices?

The Chef next door!

We are raising funds  for our nationwide event, Tuesday, October 20, 2020, which is International Chefs Day.

Every penny raised will be distributed to participating Chefs to purchase Healthier Choice Foods. We budgeted $50 for each chef in each of our countries 3,141 counties and county equivalents.

Chefs will conduct a tasting menu in their home for Legislators, and neighbors to  demonstrate how Micro Home Restaurants will benefit everyone!

Chefs/Bakers/Food Trucks can also will partner with a school classroom and deliver them a Healthier Choice lunch, as we revive Chefs Move Back To Schools! 

The students and the chef will create the menu together.

Some of the major benefits for every one of our 3,141 counties adopting California’s AB 626 : which created Micro Home Kitchen Operations are-

State and Federal  government coffers! Less people on unemployment.

Veterans, less folks on Medicaid due to obesity means more money for Veterans.

Children work with chefs to incorporate healthier lunches in the classroom.

Our event will clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of the goal of California’s AB 626.

By virtual inspection Riverside County, CA. permitted 5 new Micro Home 
Restaurants this past March and April. 

The acronyms used are MHKO and MEHKO, Micro Enterprise Home Kitchen Operations.

There are now 54 in operation. 

California’s AB 626 permits talented home cooks to attain income self sufficiency, and bring Healthier Foods to the community.
Also, “The people of California do enact as follows: Section 1 A-The legislature finds and declares all of the following.”
We cite #6- “Small-scale, home-cooking operations can create significant economic opportunities for Californians that need them most — often women, immigrants, and people of color.”

Chef advocate for Healthier Choices 

Part of being a chef is helping others find opportunities, working from your home providing Healthier Food to communities through Micro Home Restaurants certainly will provide these opportunities.  This is why I’m passionate about this!

Fund recipients will be required to verify they are legally allowed to conduct this event from their homes.
**Several US groups donate food this way, and the as long as you don’t charge for the food it’s legal.

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