Dollars and What Makes Sense!

Let’s get our Culinarians Cooking and Off Unemployment!

It’s as easy as pie!

Have Governor’s sign Executive Orders temporarily permitting MEHKO’s for the holiday season.

From Monday 11/23-Thursday 12/31 there are 6 weeks in that period.

I tried to call in to Kansas Unemployment this week 4 times and I can’t even make it to the hold Que.

Let’s crunch some numbers:

  • For example, 10 Chefs on Unemployment now receiving $475 a week would save $4,750 a week.
  • For the 6 weeks of the Holiday season that’s $28,500.
  • If all 57 counties in California that aren’t currently permitting MEHKO’s,  permitted 10 chefs in each county, it would save $1,624,500 in unemployment payouts.
  • As of Monday,11/16/2020 there are 76 MEHKOs (Micro Home Kitchen Operations) in Riverside County, CA. Many of them have joined this year, some using virtual inspections.
  • As of May 21, there were no citations, foodborne illness concerns, or neighborhood disturbance calls. At that time at least 6,000 meals had been sold, the average order was 2.5 meals, which really cuts into the ’30 disruptive people a day in the neighborhood’ argument.  I was told unofficially yesterday that there are still no citations, complaints or illness reports. As of 11/16/2020.