New Counties and States considering adopting Micro Home Kitchen Operations

States are now creating work for Chefs, Bakers, and Home Cooks by permitting Micro Home Kitchen Operations.
California’s goal with this new law is to “support healthy communities and economically empower talented home cooks to attain income self-sufficiency.”
In 2008 Nation’s Restaurant News published my letter “More independents could halt industry job losses.” These chefs would offer more nutritious foods, which could play a part in reversing child obesity. Any Takers?
California adopted my suggestion. Thank you Jerry Brown!

Riverside County, CA has permitted 26 MHKO’s since June 2019. Solano and Santa Barbara counties are now evaluating whether to allow MEHKO’s.

For more info:
Solano County offers a number to call (707) 784-6765

This not only benefits those already in the culinary industry but those formerly incarcerated like Chef Jeff Henderson who learned the trade in prison and now is a major contributor to society.

In Milan, Italy a restaurant (InGalera) is operated in a prison by inmates. The recidivism rate is 17% for those who learn the trade.
Italy’s recidivism rate like California’s is around 70%.
What citizen or politician would be against reducing recidivism?