News On The MEHKO Adoption Process

MEHKO Adoption Progress:

1.)  Lake County’s Board of Supervisors passed their MEHKO ordinance unanimously (5:0) on November 19th. They will begin issuing permits in January, under a 6 month pilot program/trial period.
2.) The City of Berkeley also passed their MEHKO ordinance, on December 2nd. Berkeley has yet to announce any dates, but they are finalizing a virtual inspection protocol, and Environmental Health has told us they hope to see permits being issued early 2021.
3.) Alameda County’s Health Committee voted on November 23rd to move their MEHKO ordinance to a full board vote. That final vote will be scheduled once the Department of Environmental Health announces its fee schedule (the cost) for MEHKO permits. That said, the DEH was instructed to move quickly and we’re hopeful that the ordinance will be heard in December.